We the Sai devotees feel happy and blessed when we hear or read Leelas of Shree Sai Baba of Shirdi from different persons of different places. We read Sai leelas experienced by those who have good fortune of having His Darshan when he was in the human from at Shirdi, Secondly from those in whose life such leelas occurred even in present time. It clearly shows that He is Omnipotent, Omnipresent and Omniscience.

Baba Said "I am always at the side of my devotees. When he thinks of me I am always by his side" He also said in chapter 28 of Sai Sat Charitra English—Let His devotee be at a distance a thousand Kms away from Him, he will be drawn to Shiridi like a sparrow with thread tied to his feet. When I reconcile my previous days of life I ponder on said statement of Baba that fully applies to me.

I was born in a very religious and spiritual family and visited many religious places and sadhu’s abode till I heard about shri Shridi Sai baba by the grace of my maternal uncle Guruji Shri C.B.Satpahy in the year 1990,when I was a student and stayed with him in Delhi. Many a times he tells me the stories of Shri Shridi Sai baba and his Leelas and gave me a book to read named Shri Sai Sat Charita .First of all I took it very lightly and put the book in bookshelf and paid no attention towards it for a few months. One night I brought out the book and started reading it with great interest, I was so impressed with the contents of the book that I left for Shirdi the same year. Since then I am a regular visitor of Shirdi. Now I feel Baba was behind me in all this.

It was Baba's desire that I came back to Orissa in 2002 after living almost 14 years in Delhi and USA . Because of some family problems I could not return back to my work place, and stayed back permanently at Bhubaneswar. By that time I was entangled with serious family problems and could not concentrate on my carrier and had no idea of what to do. At this juncture an idea of constructing Baba’s Mandir came to my mind. It was a challenge to me. Without money and man power, to construct a mandir was impossible. Baba's supernatural power was working behind all this. With the help of few youths of Chandrasekharpur, though with difficulty, the work of constructing Baba's mandir started. Architect and engineer were joined later on. The work was progressing satisfactorily though there was delay at times due to paucity of funds. Baba's divine support in sending monetary help was always there through some one or the other. Now a magnificent Temple of Shri Shridi Sai along with a Dwarkamayee Mandir has been fully completed. Baba's full size marble idol is in the Sanctum Sanctorum blessing all who come to the Mandir. Devotees after visiting the mandir are wonderstruck and experience immense happiness and serenity of mind and feel that it is not the work of human being , rather it is the work of some supernatural power.

People generally ask me to tell them Baba's miracle. What miracle can I tell them when my life itself is full of miracles. I simply show them the construction of the mandir and that they themselves can understand that all this is the miracle of Sai Baba, and they fully agree with me. Sai Nath is a Universal God. He is worshipped by people of all religious faith and creed in their own ways. His avatar is in such a way that nobody knows about His origin. Hence everyone claims Him as his god. Secondly Sai Baba led the life of a Faquir with total detachment to any worldly things.

The number of Sai Temples is increasing day by day and it will go on increasing in future also but all such institutions are doing their services independently. Though there is brotherhood feeling among Sai devotees, yet I feel that there should be one central organization which can give direction to all the Sai institutions. Let the people develop Faith and devotion and get supreme Bliss. We are all the children of Shree Sai Nath. Therefore let everyone foster universal love and ideal of brotherhood.

I congratulate all the Sai devotees of Chandra Sekharpur Shridi Sai Mandir for the new Web Site. May the Blessings of Shree Sai Nath bestow upon us in all our noble endeavour.


Soumitra Mishra




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