This site is managed by Sradha Saburi Charitable Trust. With the grace & blessings of beloved “BABA” a Charitable Trust bearing the above title came into being on the 2nd Janualry 2008 at Bhubaneshwar,Orissa, with the sole aim of serving HIM through the afflicted and suffering creatures whom the society has categorized as orphans, disabled, home less, aged etc. The name of the SAINT OF SHIRDI “SAI BABA” has become synonymous with the most exalted human virtues i.e.” FAITH AND PATIENCE”. (SHRADDHA AND SABURI). Millions have received success and get mental peace by the mere thought of “SAI BABA” who has said to be lovingly known as the “SAVIOUR OF THE POOR AND HELPLESS”.

 Shri Sai Baba is the essence and embodiment of spiritual enlightenment and religious harmony. He awakened people to the eternal truth. "Sabka Malik Ek" (One god governs all). He wanted to provide each one with two powerful implements to make them stronger and wiser - 'One' being 'Shraddha' (Faith) and other being 'Saburi' (Patience). Through this website, we seek to spread the message of Shri Sainath, and with his blessings bring millions of people closer to the ultimate reality - that is, Shri Sai Baba.

In the early morning about 5-30 when sun rises and the first ray of hope comes from the eyes of Shri Sainath, one can feel his presence. Being very peaceful place around, devotees really feel HIS presence many times in the temple. We are thankful to the Trustees and members who originated the idea and to all who contributed by money or time and helped for collecting funds for the temple, and also we are thankful to every devotee who are visiting this temple.

The temple is now open to all devotees. We are carrying out so many social activities and maintaining the temple in same manner as Shirdi. We are also following Baba’s principles of Free Food to needy persons and Free Education, other help to needy people. Seva i.e. Service to Poor was his principle. We are sincerely following it.

Our Endeavour

We have a sense of a mission and a purpose in life. We have a motivation to give back to the society to which we owe our wellbeing.

  • Spreading Saibaba's teachings and messages.
  • Assisting in the building of Sai Mandirs.
  • Supporting and providing food and clothing to the needy persons.
  • Providing educational assistance to poor and deserving students.
  • Providing medical assistance to poor and needy persons.